Community Guidelines

Online community is a vital part of digital media literacy. Commenting on blogs can be a means to have robust, meaningful conversations. I welcome and encourage comments to help both readers and myself understand media literacy in a deeper, nuanced way. Ask questions, answer questions, provide a different prospective, give links to additional sources. These conversations will be beneficial to everyone involved. Online communities are filled with active members who help each other understand the world better. My hope is that we can build a community dedicated to becoming better media users.

Productive and engaging conversation will always be welcome, even if it is critical. With that being said, comments that are counterproductive to the community are unwelcome. I encourage comments that include spam, derogatory speech, or other obvious malicious intent, such as personal insults or threats to other community members, to be flagged. Flagged comments will be reviewed and if deemed to be counterproductive to the community they will be removed. Anyone who has more than three comments removed will be banned from the community. I do not wish to ban anyone, but frequent misuse of the comments section prevents the rest of the community from engaging in conversation. I look forward to building this community as we all learn to use media better.